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Ways to save money on food

  Meal Plan: Take note of what you may already have, and what you need beforehand so you don’t overbuy. I always meal plan so we know exactly what we’re eating each week so nothing goes to waste. I have a little chalkboard in the kitchen which I write the meals on then I can […]

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Fun things TO do during social distancing

look through old photos from a trip you enjoyed take a long bath while listening to calm music start a bullet journal sort out your books by their colour or size paint your nails browse through posts you liked a while ago listen to your favourite songs with your windows wide open try out new […]

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Bucket List

Tips for building a bucket list Today I wanted to share some tips on how to build a bucket list that truly reflects what you want: Before you start, really listen to your heart -Basically the only rule to this is listening to what you really want. My bucket list doesn’t have bungee jumping or […]

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50 Affirmations to Raise Your Self Esteem. Find a quiet place and recite the following… 1. ‘I am kind-hearted’ 2. ‘I am gentle’ 3. ‘I am loving’ 4. ‘I am beautiful’ 5. ‘I make a difference in the life of those around me’ 6. ‘I am stronger than all that has crossed me’ 7. ‘I […]

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Cheap makeup

Love makeup but don’t want it to cost the earth? I’ve been using this really good website Fragrance Direct. It’s got everything  from health and beauty to men’s and even candles!  It contains all kind of designers so I’m sure there will be something on their for everybody and with Fathers Day coming up next Sunday they […]

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Superhero recipes for your little ones by Belling 

I went onto Magic Freebies like I do most days and I came across a free book that Belling where giving away to try and get kids into baking.  Belling has created this cookbook and filled density healthy, yummy ideas for meals inspired by superheroes. Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast Ingredients Good quality peanut butter  12 […]

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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers day in the UK is the 21st of June. So if you’re struggling on what to get your old man hopefully this guide will be a big help for you!  Personalised Favourite Person Keepsake – £27 (not on the high street) How beautiful is this! You get your child to draw their daddy and it gets […]

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Slimming World Friendly Chinese Chicken Curry

​ Ingredients:  2 Chicken breasts, diced Rice of your choice 1 green pepper  1 onion Handful of spinach Light soy sauce  Butter  Plain flour  Chicken stock 1tbsp of Chinese Five Spice 1tbsp Medium Curry Powder 1/2 tsp Garlic powder 1/4 tsp Turmeric  1/4 tsp ground Ginger Method:  Cook the chicken in a frying pan on medium heat with […]

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Lockdown Tag

​ Questions 1.Which country do you live in? Durham in the United Kingdom 2.Favorite book? All of the Harry potter books 3.How do you spend your time during lockdown? A lot of tidying, watching TV, baking, blogging and doing all I can to entertain all of the children. 4.Have you tried cooking a new dish […]

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Kinder Bueno Cheesecake

Oh my god! Who loves Kinder Chocolate? Well you will love this delicious recipe for my Kinder Chocolate Cheesecake (well Jordan’s recipe but yeah okay my blog, my recipe haha). Now I am not going to lie when Jordan first made this cheesecake I was thinking yummy but at the same time I am meant […]

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